POA Staff

sandy matteson

Sandy Matteson

General Manager


JL’s Master Document Execution for the benefit of all members

JL POA Board of Director’s Policy Directives Execution

Jonathan’s Landing’s Representative to External Organizations

nancy peffer

Nancy Peffer

Executive Assistant

Maintains JL POA’s Pier Easement Requests
Golf Cart Registration, Insurance Verification & Decal Issuance
Kayak Registration, Insurance Verification & Decal Issuance
Bocce Ball Court Reservations
JL Realty Liaison
JL Cable/Hotwire Liaison
JL POA Purchasing
Adele Hickinbotham

Adele Hickinbotham

DCB & HR Specialist

Design Control Board
Human Resources
Sandra Andreasen

Sandra Andreasen

Administrative Assistant

Marketing & Communications
JL POA Website
JL POA Chronicle
Lucas Jones

Lucas Jones

Operations Manager

POA facility, Infrastructure & General Aesthetics Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance/Inspection Program Administration
Water Resource Conservation & Oversight
Michael Keyes

Michael Keyes

Director of Security

Security Operations & Security Team
Physical & Perimeter Security
Continuity of Security Operations during Hurricanes, etc.
Serious Incident Response
Law Enforcement Liaison

                                                          john laffrey                                                            

                                                                Maintenance Manager


                                               POA facility, Infrastructure & General Maintenance
                                                   Preventative Maintenance/Project Coordination
                                                      POA Property Conservation & Maintenance