All things should be back online within JL. 
If you are currently experiencing difficulties, please call the appropriate company:

  • FPL Power Outages: 1-800-468-8243

  • Hotwire Issues: 1-800-355-5668

  • Alarm System Issues: Knight Fire & Security: (561) 471-8221 or                                                                  Y.S.C.: (561) 844-7004

  • Water Issues:  Town of Jupiter – (561) 741-2300

Solid Waste Authority:

  • Garbage and recycling is back on a regular schedule.
  • Yard debris will begin Saturday (but may take up to a week for all areas to be picked up.)

Disaster Relief and Assistance:

Palm Beach County was designated by FEMA as eligible for individual disaster assistance.  Here are some helpful links to assist residents with that application process:

To register for individual assistance, please visit:, or call 1-800-621-3362.  Some information that may be helpful in your application process is the individual assistance fact sheet, the application checklist, and a tip sheet for the disaster assistance website.  

If you would like to follow-up on your application with Florida Senator Bill Nelson’s office, you will need to fill out a consent form so that the Senator’s office can inquire about your application.  Senator Nelson’s office can be reached at 1-888-671-4091 or through his website.  

If you are a business in need of assistance, please view this site and click on “Hurricane Irma;” any small business in need of assistance, please view this site.  

  • Lighthouse Park: normal park hours will resume on Friday, September 15.
  • Abacoa Community Park: normal park hours will resume on Friday, September 15; this includes the Jupiter Skate Park, which will open at 3 pm.
  • Maplewood Park: normal park hours will resume on Friday, September 15. Due to water main damage, restroom facilities will not be available until further notice.
  • Jupiter Civic Center and Old Town Hall: rentals and weekly viewings will resume on Friday, September 15.
  • Jupiter Community Park: open 8 am – 7 pm starting on Saturday, September 16 until further notice.  Indoor restroom facilities are limited, however port-o-lets will be brought in until power can be restored to these facilities.
  • All other town parks (except for Jupiter Village Park) will resume normal operating hours as of Friday, September 15.


  • Palm Beach County schools will remain closed for the entire week.
  • Jupiter Village Park: closed until further notice to allow for a staging area for the Town’s debris removal contractor vehicles.
  • All JTAA activities have been suspended until further notice.  Please check their Facebook page for updates.

09/13/17 Hurricane Irma Update

Palm Beach County Curfew has been revised to 12pm – 6am.


POA phone lines are now up.


– Power has now been restored to all of JL.

– FPL has said all power to the east coast should be back up and running by Sunday evening.




     – Casa Mia Italian Restaurant – right out north gate behind Starbucks

     – Chili’s – Northeast corner of Indiantown Road & US1

     – Culver’s – 1108 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458

     – Taco Bell – Southeast corner of Indiantown Road & US1


     – Sunoco – Southeast corner of Indiantown Road & US1

     – Marathon – North side of Indiantown Road just west of Alt A1A

     – Circle K – South side of Indiantown Road just west of Alt A1A


     – Walmart – Indiantown Road west of Maplewood Drive

      – Publix – Indiantown Road at Alt A1A or also US1

      – Winn Dixie – Military Trail & Frederick Small



– Trash pick up started yesterday.

– Recyclable pick up will resume today.

– Landscape and construction debris has not yet been scheduled to resume

     * Solid Waste Authority has requested that you make two separate piles, one for vegetation           and the second for construction debris.

     * Do not place piles next to trees, mailboxes, HotWire boxes, storm drains, fences, etc. as a           big claw truck will be used to remove the debris.  

     * Once debris pick up is resumed, SWA vehicles will make multiple passes until all debris is         cleared. (Anticipated to begin later this week)


HotWire services should resume once power is restored.  You may need to reboot your Hotwire System if it is not working.  Click here to learn how to reboot your Hotwire System.


09-11-17 Hurricane IRMA Update

I am happy to report that JL sustained only minor damage such as street lights/lampposts down, golf shed doors & roof tiles blown off and a damaged skylight.  Mostly there is landscape damage such as toppled trees and downed tree limbs.

The POA main roadways are now passable and the promenades should be cleared by noon tomorrow. Seacrest crews are in standing up some of the POA trees that can be salvaged and will then move into those Villages that have contracted their hurricane remediation services.
Power is out throughout most of JL. I’ve been in contact with FPL and they are actively working on the power situation in our area.  But did not have an ETA for restoration.
In those areas with no power, HotWire is also out but should come back on when the power resumes.  
No flooding has been reported at this time.
Outside of JL, most of the traffic lights are not working.  The correct way to handle this is to treat each intersection as a 4-way stop.  At the larger intersections, when each side goes, it is usually en mass and not one car at a time.  
The curfew in Palm Beach county is now from 8pm to 7am everyday until further notice.
Curbside garbage pickup will resume tomorrow (Tuesday). This does not include recycling or yard debris. That schedule is not yet determined. 
All Publix stores and the Winn Dixie at Military & Frederick Small are open. 
Known restaurants that are open are Hurricane Grill (until 7pm) and the Ale House. 
For those who have critical needs, the Mobile gas station on the north side of Indiantown Road at Central (almost to I-95) is now open and has gas – for now. 
Please stay home if you don’t have a compelling reason to go out.  It will help all service people to more quickly clean up the roads and make utility repairs.

Glad the JL family fared so well!!

9/8/17 Hurricane Irma Update

All components of JL are now ready for Irma.  All member preparations should also be completed at this time.  Below are the answers to most of the questions we have been receiving:

1) JL is under a “Hurricane Warning” which means hurricane force winds (74+ mph) are anticipated within 36 hours.

2) Mandatory Evacuation orders for JL went into effect at 10am this morning.  The main concern is storm surge due to JL’s proximity to the intercoastal.

3) Due to the heavy highway traffic conditions, after midnight, it is requested that you not get on the highways and only evacuate within the county, such as with friends, family or a shelter.

4) Palm Beach County draw bridges have been locked in the down position as of noon today.

5) At 35mph sustained winds, JL Security will evacuate and return as soon as the storm has passed and sustained winds are below 35mph.

6) At 40-45mph sustained winds, police, fire and other assistance organizations will send their personnel home.  Therefore, if you remain in JL, there will be no official medical, fire assistance until the storm has passed.

7) Starting Saturday, September 9 at 3 P.M. a countywide curfew will be in effect.

The curfew lasts from 3 P.M. Saturday until modified or cancelled.

A person must have a legitimate purpose for being out past curfew hours. In addition to the curfew, the State of Emergency also Prohibits the Sale and/or Distribution of Alcohol as well as the Sale and/or Display of Firearms.

This curfew is to ensure the safety of all citizens of Palm Beach County as well as the personal property and businesses in our county from looters and individuals taking advantage of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and all law enforcement in Municipal areas will have zero tolerance for looting.

** Please note that all POA staff have “Emergency Personnel” documentation so that they can have immediate access back to JL after the storm.

8) Upon returning to JL, staff will be focusing 100% on putting the community back on its feet.  Therefore, we respectfully request that you refrain from calling security or the POA office to have general questions answered.  Blocking these lines will keep members who have immediate medical or situational needs from getting through.  

– Daily updates will be posted on the POA’s website if power and internet are available to keep you informed of the initial damage assessment followed by progress reports on remediation efforts.

Stay safe everyone!

As of 10:00 a.m. Friday – 9/8/17


The below shelters closest to JL, will open Friday at 10:00 a.m. 

  • Independence
    Middle School, 4001 Greenway Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458


  • Palm
    Beach Gardens High School, 4245 Holly Drive, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410

  • Special Need Shelters and Pet Friendly Shelters are available and require pre-registration.  The phone number is 561-712-6400
Please be careful.

Preparing for Hurricane IRMA

As you probably are aware, the National Weather Center is indicating that South Florida may be impacted by approaching Hurricane Irma.

As of 6:00 PM Monday night, Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for the State of Florida. The POA, Villages, Golf Club and Marina are all finalizing preparations for the storm. Given the current track of the storm, please make preparations for your safety and protection of your property and family. It has been many years since we have been struck by a storm with the potential strength Irma may have. For those who don’t remember, and particularly for new residents, it is important to bear in mind that preparation is key. There may be no fire rescue, police staff, or other rescue services available, particularly in the immediate aftermath of a storm. 

Please note:  In the event winds reach 45 mph, public safety personnel (including police, fire or other rescue services) will not patrol. 

Below is some important information to help with your disaster preparation/recovery plan and to minimize the possible impact of storm damage:

  • The POA office will be closed Thursday and Friday preparing for the storm

  • For your benefit, the POA has put together the below links for helpful information from the various agencies.

  • After the storm, all POA staff will be focused on clean-up operations.  But understanding everyone’s desire to know the storm’s outcome in JL and how clean-up operations are proceeding, daily updates will be placed on this website. If power and internet are available.

  • If you have a kayak, please remove it from the POA kayak racks by Wednesday night.

  • Please be sure to take copies of your Insurance Policies, recent photos of the Property/Valuable Items, recent Appraisals, and any other important documentation with you.  During the recovery, take pictures/videos and keep a log of all bills paid/receipts for repairs as well as communications with any vendors.

To find a shelter, click this link and  type your address in section that is in the upper left corner of the map.  This will tell you what shelters are open, and which ones take pets.  Or if you have special needs click here:  

While it is still too early to predict when and where Hurricane Irma will make landfall, and to what extent the current storm will impact, it is imperative for all to implement their personal plans early.  And don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate as the roadways may be congested the day or two before the storm.

Watches, Warnings & Local Communication

Palm Beach County has an Emergency Notification System, you can sign up to receive text messages and phones calls, by clicking the above link.  They also have a  community notification system to alert its cities and towns of  hurricanes and floods. This system uses TV Channels 5, 12, 25, 29 (Comcast channels 03, 09, 10 and 11) and all radio stations. During major storms, as conditions permit, the town is patrolled by police officers, stormwater, public works, water utilities and other staff to identify safety hazards and areas of flooding.  Please note:  In the event winds reach 45 mph, public safety personnel (including police and fire rescue) will not patrol. Important Storm Links and Preparedness Guides:



 Special Notice to Boaters

 Draw bridges over our local waterways will typically be locked in a down position when a hurricane watch is issued. The town recommends that any boat owners who require draw bridges to be raised to move underneath need to move their boats to other locations immediatelyView more information on preparing your boat.