Contractor Regulations

The following rules and regulations will be strictly enforced and apply to all contractors, sub-contractors and vendors working in Jonathan’s Landing. Our security officers are required to enforce these rules at all entrances to the Community, as well as during the course of their patrols of the Community.

  • Contractors / subcontractors must be authorized to enter Jonathan’s Landing.
  • Contractors / subcontractors may enter at 7:00 am and begin work at 7:30 am. Work stops at 4:30 pm and workers must be off the work site by 5:00 pm.
  • Unexpected deliveries or workers must be given authorization though or by calling the automated access line at 561-747-2800. Please do so before they get to the gate.
  • Contractors and sub-contractors must enter through the North Gate on Indiantown and are not permitted entry through South Gate on Alternate A1A. However, exiting through South Gate is permitted.
  • Be sure your drivers (contractors / subcontractors) know the name of the resident and/or the correct address; if they cannot provide this information, access will be denied. If they do not speak English, information must be provided in writing.
  • Workers must wear shirts at all times.
  • Radios are not permitted on a work site.
  • Please request that all workers be mindful of the neighboring residents surrounding your site.(Parking of work vehicles, keeping site clean and general respect of neighbors around your worksite).
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted entry with contractors, subcontractors or vendors without consent of the homeowner.
  • Contractors may not bring pets into Jonathan’s Landing without the consent of the homeowner.
  • Adhere to speed limits posted throughout the community.
  • No dumping in unauthorized / other dumpsters on JL property.
  • No fishing in any bodies of water on JL property.
  • If residents leave items for garbage truck out on curb, contractors are not allowed to ‘pick’ through items.
  • If security makes a request of someone on your site, it is the Contractor’s obligation to cooperate.
  • Anyone working on site can and will be suspended from that site for unprofessional behavior. The General Contractor and Homeowner will be contacted immediately.
  • Only authorized contractors are permitted to complete interior work on Saturday with authorization of the Village President.
  • There is no work permitted on Sunday, except emergencies.
  • No work is permitted on site for the following observed holidays except for emergencies:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Easter Sunday
    • Labor Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Independence Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
  • Solicitation is strictly prohibited anywhere in Jonathan’s Landing.