Frequently Asked Questions

May I have the phone number for a JL resident?

I’m sorry, we can only provide public record information, the resident’s name and JL address. 


How much is the quarterly assessment? What does that cover?

The POA quarterly assessment is $830. The assessment provides for the grounds, roads, bridges, lakes, irrigation, the security and watch system, and the administrative and accounting expenses.


How much is the Hotwire quarterly bill?  What does that cover?

The Hotwire quarterly bill is $290.85.


I’m having a problem with my Hotwire services. Who do I call?

Please call the local Hotwire customer service number, 800-355-5668 and they will send out a technician to address the problem.


I’m having a Hotwire billing issue.

Please email your name, your  phone number, property address, details of the billing issue and Nancy will forward this information to the Hotwire representative. 


May I have the Golf Club number?

It’s 561-747-7600.


I’m having a problem with my alarm system.  

Please call ADT at 1-800-878-7806


I am a real estate agent and I need an Estoppel for a property closing.

Estoppels for JL properties are requested through the Accounting Firm.  


I have a question about a bill / delinquent letter I received.

Provide the name, address and phone number to the Accounting Firm.


I have a guest / family member coming to visit me.

You can use to put them on your list or you can contact Security at the North Gate by calling 561-747-1141.


I’ll be leaving for the season. I’d like my bills to go to my northern address.

Provide the name, address and phone number to Rene & Associates.  561-626-8876


There’s a power outage in my village. Who do I call?

Please call the FPL (Florida Power & Light) emergency outage number, (800) 468-8243, to report your outage. 


Where do I dock my boat?

Casseekey Island Docks are managed by Seacrest and their new contact person for slips is Lisa Estler and she can be reached at (561) 714-8832. They can take all sizes of boats.

Suntex Marina can be contacted at (561) 747-8980, they have slips available for boats that are under 30 feet.

The Anchorage is managed by Campbell Property Management and their Property Manager is Ken Miller and he can be reached at (561) 748-7137. The slips are for boats 23 feet to 40 feet.