Browse the amenities offered to residents of Jonathan’s Landing.

There are 2 bocce courts located in the South Rec Park that are available to JL residents and their guests all day into the evening. Motion-activated lights allow for evening games. A bulletin board at the courts lists groups that play weekly. Contact the organizer if you want to join one of these groups. Outside of the already-reserved weekly groups, you may reserve the courts for large groups (20 or more) for a 2-hour time slot by contacting the POA office at (561) 743-2032. For smaller groups, courts are “first-come first-served”. Equipment is available at South Rec.  A code is required to unlock the equipment which can be obtained by calling the POA office (561) 743-2032.

This island is adjacent to South Rec Park on Casseekey Island Road between Lantern Bay and Southporte and is accessible by a wooden walkway. The island is a rather wild, natural habitat for birds and butterflies. The gazebos at the end of the island are a quiet and peaceful place for appreciating the beauty of Jonathan’s Landing.
The dog park is located near the North Gate. It is available from dawn until dusk with different time slots for large dogs, small dogs, and toy dogs. The hours are posted at the entrance to the park.
Fishing is allowed both on the fresh and salt waterways in JL. It is “catch and release”.
Kayak racks are provided both on fresh and salt waterways. Space is limited and POA registration is required. The racks are located on Butterfly Island, across from the marina, and on the lake near the North Gate.
There are 3 waterfront pavilions in various locations in JL as well as other pavilions in South Rec Park.
A playground is located at South Rec Park with a slide, climbing structures, and swings.
Out of the Blue restaurant is a private restaurant located at the JL Marina on Casseekey Island Road. It is open to JL residents for dinner on Wednesdays during the summer season (May through mid-October). During the high season (mid-October through April) it is open to JL residents for dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights and for lunch on Tuesdays. Contact 561-741-2882 to make a reservation. Walk-ins are also accepted. The restaurant can also be reserved for a special occasion.
The JL Yacht Club’s Radio Controlled Model Racing Sailboat Club is opened to all members of JL. Soling 1 Meter regattas are held each Saturday afternoon and DragonForce 65 practice sessions are held each Tuesday at 2 pm, both at Butterfly Island.

South Rec Park is a charming park located with fresh water on one side and salt water on the other, just off Casseekey Island Road between Lantern Bay and Southporte. There are cookout facilities, including pavilions, tables, grills and restrooms, along with a playground for youngsters. Parking is provided and no reservations are required.

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