Rules & Regulations

The Jonathan’s Landing Property Owner’s Association (JL POA) management staff occupies an office on Jonathan’s Landing property (3755 Barrow Island Road) for the convenience of all homeowners.

The hours of operation of the JL POA office are Monday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM; Tuesday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Table of Contents

Design Control Board

The Design Control Board (DCB) functions as the Jonathan’s Landing approving authority for all exterior alterations or modifications to  construction. This restriction will be strictly enforced.

For further information in regard to the procedure for any exterior changes, i.e. painting, pavers, enclosing a lanai, landscape changes, etc. please contact your Village Manager or call the JL POA office at 561-743-2032, or go on the website at for a copy of the JL Design Control Board Guidelines or a DCB application form. All projects must be approved by the Village HOA before being submitted to the DCB for final approval.

JL POA Chronicle – Member Recommendations

• JL members are encouraged to recommend and/or submit content for the JL POA Chronicle.
• Content should be no longer than a few sentences, one paragraph in finished form.
• Content may not be political or controversial in any way, as judged by the JL POA Board of The Chronicle Staff.

JL POA Conference Room Usage

Use of the JL POA conference room is available to all villages and committees within Jonathan’s Landing.

  • Maximum 2 business meetings per month (1 recurring, 1 reservation up to 30 days prior)
  • Reservations from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Use of the room is up to 2 hours maximum subject to availability
  • Maximum capacity –  25 participants
  • Room only –  no fee
  • Coffee and/or water, $35 fee

Commercial Activity

Commercial activity should not occur in JL on Saturdays, Sundays or on POA recognized holidays. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Saturday Commercial Activity:

Non-intrusive Commercial Activity on Saturdays requires the approval of the owner’s Association President, (or an Association Board member, in the President’s absence). It is the responsibility of the authorizing board member to ensure the activity will be non-intrusive. In cases of exterior work, it is expected that the authorizing President or Board member will have informed impacted neighbors and/or adjacent communities prior to the Saturday when the work will occur.  The authorizing Board member must inform Security at least 24 hours prior to when the work has been approved to occur.  Security can be contacted in any of the following ways:

– Email directed to
– Phone call to the Duty Security Officer at 561-747-1141, option 3
– Phone call to the Director of Security at 561-743-2032.

Sunday and POA Recognized Holidays Commercial Activity:

No Commercial Activity is permitted on Sundays or on POA recognized holidays except in the event of an emergency such as a plumbing leak, life safety emergency, A/C repair.  The list of POA recognized holidays is as follows:

– New Year’s Day
– Independence Day
– Easter Sunday
– Memorial Day
– Labor Day
– Thanksgiving Day & Day After Thanksgiving
– Christmas Day
The homeowner must contact security prior to the arrival of the technician.  The owner should also contact their association President prior to the service to advise them of the emergency repair activity.  The association president may contact security if they determine the repair does not qualify as an emergency.
All Commercial Activity, except for emergencies, requires at least 24 hours advance notification to Security.

Click here for Security Regulations for Contractor


In the interest of Public Safety,  there will be no village “On Street” parking on any roadway that cannot maintain the 20 ft clearance required by Palm Beach County Fire Code for Emergency Vehicle access.

No trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, habitable vehicles, trucks, commercial pick-up trucks or full-sized vans may be kept on property in exposed areas.

Vehicles shall not be parked within 30 feet of intersections or stop signs.

You should refer to the “Jonathan’s Landing Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions” dated May 10th, 2006 for a full disclosure of the restrictions relating to parking within JL.  Specifically, see Article VIII Special Protective Restrictions, Section F Residential Parcels, Paragraph (8) on page 15 for full details.  Also be sure to check your Village Documents for further parking restrictions.

Garbage / Trash

Collection service is provided by WastePro and collection days are on Monday and Thursday. Recyclable materials are collected on Mondays ONLY and yard waste on Thursdays. WastePro Phone Number is 561-688-8912.

Trash must be placed curb-side in accordance with County regulations and County containers the morning it is collected. Trash must be placed in containers and will not be collected if left in plastic bags only. Please do not place garbage in construction site or Marina dumpsters.

Service and scheduling are handled by Solid Waste Authority through Palm Beach County. They can be reached at (561) 697-2700. We are in District One.

Refer to Village guidelines for additional instructions.

Landscape Maintenance

All vegetation cuttings must be bagged, tied or placed with garbage for collection on Thursday morning. Bundles should be no longer than 6 feet in length. Cans or bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds.


Dogs, cats and other common household pets are allowed provided they are not raised, bred or kept for any commercial purpose. All dogs and cats must always be kept on a leash.  Please check with your village HOA about any weight restrictions, number of animals and dog breed restrictions for your pets.

Every owner shall be responsible for the immediate clean-up of private and common areas as it relates to their pets. Waste bag dispensers and trash bins are located in several areas of the property.

Dogs are not to be left unattended on screened patios. Barking may become a nuisance to your neighbors.

The hours for visits to our dog park are as follows: Large dogs (26 pounds or more) may enter between 7:00 AM and 11 AM. Toy and small dogs (under 15 pounds) may enter between 11 AM and 3:00 PM. The park is open to open play from 3:00 PM to dusk to all sizes. Please remember to pick up after your dog. Litter bag dispensers are located inside the park.

Dogs or Cats are prohibited from using Butterfly Island.

Golf Carts

JL POA requires residents to ensure all privately owned Golf carts are covered by an insurance policy that protects them and their guests while operating a cart in Jonathan’s Landing.  Carts must have insurance with a minimum liability of $300,000 under a Recreational Vehicle/Golf Cart insurance policy.  Carts must be covered while traveling to and from the golf course as well as on the streets and sidewalks within Jonathan’s Landing.  If you have any questions on your coverage, please contact your agent.  Carts are to be operated by persons age 14 or older.  Parents or other adults are responsible to supervise any minor person operating a cart.  Persons under 14 are not to be in control of a golf cart.  This includes sitting in the driver position of a golf cart during operation.

Operators of electric carts are required to obey all traffic laws within the community.  Special attention should be given to stop signs and cart speed.  Carts are required to have illumination on the front and back when operating between sunset and sunrise.  Resident’s carts must be registered at the POA and display the current year sticker as directed by the POA.  New stickers must be obtained by the owner annually by March 31st.  The POA Golf Cart registration form can be downloaded here:  Golf Cart Registration Form

Everyone is expected to adhere to the posted speed limits and to obey stop signs.

Small Boats/kayaks/canoes

Once registered through the JL POA office, privately-owned small boats may be stored on the JL POA dock on Dickinson Drive near the North Gate entrance, or on the racks at Quarter/Butterfly Island in the South Rec area and at the Marine Patrol dock.

A current certificate of insurance that shows a minimum limit of liability in the amount of $300,000 is required to store and use a small boat, canoe or kayak on JL Property.

All small craft, canoes and kayaks must have a registration sticker.

Non-motorized boat registration form may be downloaded here:  Non-motorized boat rights agreement

Owners of all boats located within the JL waterways must secure their boat during a storm event.

JL POA Delinquency Policy

As an owner at Jonathan’s Landing, your obligation is to pay your assessment on time in order to have the POA operate efficiently. If you do not pay on time, then the following will apply to your account:

Following notice to Members of assessment amount and due date, if unpaid upon 30 days after due date; send first notice notifying Member of delinquency and addition of interest to amount owed.

Reinforce delinquency status with second notice at new due date and that the account will then be turned over to collections if no payment received by due date of second notice.

The addition of legal fees may be applied to the account and assessment accelerated for the remainder of the year.

Cable TV may be interrupted for lack of payment for Cable Services.

Upon owner initiating payment plan, at any point, The Board may consider interest leniency if no record of delinquencies in past 5-year period. However, legal fees will not be waived.

To view JL Delinquency Policy 2023 –CLICK HERE

Dress Codes

Proper and appropriate attire is required throughout all areas of Jonathan’s Landing.

All joggers, pedestrians, and cyclists must wear tops that cover their upper body. Wear brightly colored clothes when possible for safety.


Joggers, pedestrians, and those on stand-on scooters or in golf carts must use the promenades rather than the streets.

Bicycle riders should ride where they feel it is safest based on their individual riding style and prevailing conditions.  Pursuant to Florida Statute 316.2065, bicyclists may ride either on the promenades and have the same right of way as pedestrians.  Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians when sharing the sidewalk, however, when overtaking and passing, bicyclists must give an audible signal to alert pedestrians.

If bicyclists choose to ride in the street, they have the same rights of the roadway as other motorists and must obey the same traffic laws, including but not limited to: stop signs, red lights, riding directionally with the flow of traffic, and yielding the right of way when entering a roadway.  Bicyclists should ride on the right hand curb or edge of the roadway for rider safety and allow vehicles to pass.  Bicyclists should use directional hand signals to show other drivers they are about to make a turn. Drivers passing a bicyclist on the street must exercise caution when overtaking and passing a bicyclist.

Bicycles must be equipped with working brakes.  Bicycles operated between dusk and sunrise must be equipped with a white light in the front and both a red reflector and a red lamp light on the rear.  All bicyclists under the age of 16 must wear a bike helmet and it is recommended that all bicyclists wear a bike helmet when riding.

Everyone is expected to adhere to the posted speed limits and to obey stop signs.

Prohibition of Fireworks

Residents and their guests are prohibited from using any fireworks at any time; at any private residences, on any dock, roadway, sidewalk, open space, pavilion, or parking area within Jonathan’s Landing.

The following definitions and penalties are consistent with the Fla. Stat. Sections 791.01-791.08 and the JL POA is using them as its basis for this policy.

“Fireworks” means and includes any combustible or explosive composition or substance or combination of substances or, except as hereinafter provided, any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation.  The term includes blank cartridges and toy cannons in which explosives are used, the type of balloons which require fire underneath to propel them, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, dago bombs, and any fireworks containing any explosives or flammable compound or any tablets or other device containing any explosive substance.

Using fireworks may be punishable as a first-degree misdemeanor, which may carry a sentence of up to a year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.  These penalties shall be imposed by the state, not the JL POA.

This policy, however, does not preclude the JL POA and JL Golf Club from hosting their holiday fireworks shows because they use licensed professionals and have received county and state permits.

Sparklers are not considered fireworks and may be used any day of the year. 

Security – Requiring Picture ID to Enter

1) Only the driver is asked for ID

2) All drivers in the guest lane must produce the appropriate, valid ID.

3) Valid Driver’s License required (Florida requires all vehicles to be driven by someone with a valid driver’s license)
        a. Driver’s License can be from another state or international license, as long as it is currently valid.
4) Vehicles without properly licensed driver will not be allowed admittance into the community.

5) Those walking/biking/jogging at gate areas may present an alternative photo ID: Government issued ID: (Passport, citizen card, etc)

Marina & Golf Club Guests/Vendors

1) An event list of anyone needing access to JL must be supplied at least 24 hours in advance of the event.
2) Anyone not on that list will be denied access.


General:   Licensed Realtors are permitted access to JL Monday through Sunday from 8 AM to 7 PM.  Realtors must have pre-authorized access from the Property Owner, Owner’s listing agent, or JL Realty with Security before entering.  Realtor access any other time or on holidays is permitted with the approval of the Village President of the respective village being visited.  All licensed Realtor and Client drivers must present a current Driver’s License upon entering JL.  Licensed Realtors and Clients must observe all traffic rules  and park only in areas which do not block or use other residents garages or driveways, and do not block community walkways or cart paths. Property keys and alarm system information may not be left with JL Security.  

Clients Escorted by a Licensed Realtor:  Any visitor/client viewing homes or amenities must be accompanied by a Realtor while visiting Jonathan’s Landing unless attending a Realtor’s Open House. (see below).  Clients escorted by a Licensed Realtor are permitted access Monday through Sunday from 8 AM to 7 PM.    Exceptions:  Off hours entry requires prior approval by the Village President via email sent to:  No access is permitted on Federally Designated Holidays.

Open Houses:  Open house showings are only permitted between 1 PM and 4 PM Saturdays and Sundays.  Realtors may submit a request with prior approval by the Village President via email sent to to hold an Open House showing at other times.  No Open House showings are permitted on Federally Designated Holidays. The Realtor must request that all visitors/clients contact the Realtor prior to the Open House.  The Realtor must provide the visitor with directions to the Open House.  The Realtor must call in the visitor/client through Security.  Upon leaving the Open House, the Realtor must direct visitors/clients to the nearest exit.


If you have an emergency, call 911 first and then call Security or press the appropriate button on your security panel,

In an emergency, call 911 from any wired or wireless phone.
An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. Examples include:

  • A fire
  • A crime, especially if in progress
  • A car crash, especially if someone is injured
  • A medical emergency

If you observe any suspicious activity, immediately call Security – North Gate at 561-747-1141., Prompt #3

FPL Info

To report a power outage to FPL dial 1-800-468-8243 or remember 1-800-4OUTAGE.

Even though you may receive a recording, this is the most efficient number to call to report a loss of power. A work order is created from the information you report and is dispatched to crews in the field.

During an outage, your POA and Security Department make numerous phone calls to FPL to expedite the restoration of power. We have learned that all reports left on the recording are received and repairs are scheduled for those locations.