All About JL

How many homes are in Jonathan’s Landing?

Jonathan’s Landing has approximately 1,234 homes among 27 villages, each with its own Homeowners’ Association and Board of Directors. Four of the villages are comprised of townhomes, four villages are comprised of condominiums and nineteen villages house single family homes.

What is the acreage of the whole community?

Jonathan’s Landing is comprised of 606.2 acres that stretches south of Indiantown Road, east of highway Alternate A1A and west of the Intracoastal Waterway for a distance of about one and one quarter miles. Included in this 606.2 acres are 125 acres of lakes and waterways.

How many entrance gates does Jonathan’s Landing have?

Jonathan’s Landing currently has two manned security gates, North Gate and South Gate, which are open 24 hours per day. We have recently opened the Central Gate for contractors which have obtained the no-cost vendor ID card. We plan to open the Central Gate to all traffic in the coming months.

What is the assessment for the Property Owners Association?

The 2022 POA assessment is $880 for each quarter. Each individual village also has an assessment for their HOA.

What services are included in the Property Owners Association assessment?

The following services are funded by the quarterly assessment: grounds maintenance, road maintenance, irrigation, lake management, building management, administrative expenses, 24 hour security and a watch system.

What is a watch system?

Jonathan’s Landing has its own security alarm system for each home monitored by the security department. Jonathan’s Landing also has an Intracoastal watch system to monitor trespassers that may enter from the Intracoastal Waterway.