Golf Cart & Non-Motorized Boat Registration

Non-Motorized Boat Registration Form

Privately owned boats are allowed on the common water area of JL POA property at the dock on Dickinson Drive near the north gate entrance, and on Butterfly Island dock in the South Rec area and at the Marine Patrol dock.

  • A current certificate of insurance that shows a minimum limit of liability in the amount of $300,000 is required to store and use a small non-motorized boat, canoe or kayak on JL Property.

Golf Cart Registration Form

The JL POA requires residents to insure that all privately owned carts are covered by an insurance policy that protects them and their guests while operating the cart in Jonathan’s Landing. 

  • Your cart must be covered under both an ‘Off-Road Vehicle’ policy in order to insure the cart and driver while in use on common area property, including the sidewalks and your homeowner’s policy which protects the golf cart in the event of damage or theft while on your own property.  
  • The “Off-Road Vehicle” coverage insures you and your quests and family members in the event of an accident on common area property.  
  •  It is important that at least $300,000 in liability coverage is in effect under BOTH of these policies.