HOTWIRE Bulk Package

If you subscribe to HOTWIRE Bulk Package through Jonathan’s Landing you will receive a quarterly bill from JL POA for $290.85 which will be on the bottom of your quarterly assessment bill. It includes:

  • Internet – 50Mb download – constant speed, 10MB upload
  • Television – Over 260 channels (includes multiple HBO channels)
  • Free Equipment – 1 HD box, modem

Click here for the Rate Sheet

You must subscribe to the HOTWIRE Bulk Package for all 12 months with no seasonal shut-off.  However, all retail “extra’s” (premium channels, telephone, additional boxes, etc..) may be shut-off seasonally.

The Hotwire Bulk Package services can only be discontinued on an annual basis between December 10 – 25th.  Otherwise services will be continued for the next calendar year.

To add or drop Hotwire services please call (561)743-2032.

You may subscribe to premium channels and extra HD boxes by calling HOTWIRE. A separate monthly bill will come to your home from Hotwire for any extra services.

If you have HOTWIRE issues, please call: 1 (800) 355-5668

For more information on HOTWIRE Services, including channel line-ups, go to:

Click for instructions on how to set up your username and password